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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"I'm gonna be 2 then I'm gonna be 3"

That has been the phrase for the last month or two.  Amelia has been SO excited about her birthday on "twenty one august" and now here we are.  I corrected her all day that she was no longer "I'm gonna be 2 then I'm gonna be 3" but that you are three!

3!  How did this happen?  I will tell you one thing, it happened too damn quick!  These have been the toughest years of my life.  Well, you know...  It seems like it and I know in the middle of the day, it seems pretty tough, but I do think high school was much worse.  They have been tough though. You only think you know emotional and exhausted until you have children.  BUT these have been the most rewarding three years of my life.  Perhaps I will start a line of letter jackets for Mommies. I never knew art projects or living room ballet recitals or singing songs over and over and over again could bring me so much joy. 

Tonight as I laid in bed with my new 3 year old (who I found had already put herself in her bed because she was tired. Miracle in the making!) she said "What comes after three Mommy?  What comes next?"  Tears filled my eyes as I said, "let's not worry about what comes next.  Let's just be three for a while.  Four will come soon enough."   Life really does pass by in an instant. Gosh it is tough.  And man I wish I did not get frustrated as easily as I do.  But it's life.  There are good days and bad days, easy days and stressful days, but they are my days and I would not trade all that they make up for anything in the world.

The 2nd year of Amelia's life welcomed a new sister, cholesteatoma surgery and 1 move.  I'm sure the year of three will be less eventful.  Maybe not, who knows.  Whatever the case, I know it will pass too, too quickly.  My prayer is to treasure all that I can.

Nothing says Happy Birthday like powdered donuts

And sparkly princess cookies at school

Amelia just saw that I was there.  SO Cute!

She was the line leader for the day and got to ask the blessing

And put the 21 on the calendar

I LOVE this picture and I hope they are dating when they are sixteen so I can display it at her party. Hello Sixteen Candles.  Will they even know about Sixteen Candles?  Surely!

After school we hit the local hotdog joint for a special big sister only birthday lunch.
They turned her hotdog into a birthday cake and she LOVED it!

Silliness with Daddy

There are a few really good pictures made each year.  This is one of them

The sign of a great birthday playing in the dirt with cousins

"I will get you with my dirty hands!"

All nice and clean.  Night night!

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