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Monday, August 20, 2012

"Look Mommy! They have your picture!"

Today we had an appointment to get the tires balanced and rotated. Typical of my day, they had an open appointment right smack in the middle of nap time.  I loaded myself down with juice boxes, fruit snacks, sweet potato puffs, a handful of toys and off we went.

Both of the girls fell asleep during our 3 minute commute. I pulled up to the door and told the staff that I would wait in the car until it was our turn. Annie snoozed the whole time.  Amelia woke up right in the middle of our service and we were sitting back in the garage area.  Across the room there was a pin-up calendar and Miss August was an Asian looking Kelly Kapowski.

Speaking of the Bayside High head cheerleader, do you think it's funny that her name was Kelly Kapowski?  I never thought about it until now but you know when guys see someone hot and are like "Ka Pow!"  Did that phrase come from her or is her name a play on the phrase?  Urban Dictionary did not inform me of the creation of the phrase, but I do think it is humorous.

Back to the story of me... so the precious, one day away from being 3, princess woke up and Kelly's Asian cousin was the first thing she saw.  With her sleepy eyes and sweaty hair she perked up and said "Look Mommy!  They have your picture!"  I'm going to take that is a compliment.

It's hard to get a picture of a pin-up calendar without looking like a creep.
Surely you can see the similarity though! haha

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