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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mama Knows Best... Usually

I will admit, my Mama typically knows what she is talking about.  She gets it wrong sometimes but not often.  I've found a fail, but we are over half way through the year so she will probably come out ok.
On a recent shopping trip where she stocked my pantry (because she is awesome like that) she talked me into buying Comet.  I will admit I am a total snob when it comes to cleaning supplies.  I pay entirely too much for something that smells like lavender and will not send harsh chemicals into the city sewer system or my counter tops.
After thinking about the price of typical cleaning lovelies and seeing that Comet was like 88 cents and knowing that people have used it for eons I decided to give it a whirl.  BIG mistake!  I cleaned my bathtubs, shower, counter tops and toilets with this stuff 2 days shy of being 2 weeks ago and there is still residue at my house!  I am pretty much a clean freak and I've become obsessed with chemicals on my babies (mainly because they have pretty crazy sensitive skin).  After I clean I rinse and rinse and rinse.  How can there still be residue?  How have y'all used this all these years? 
The Comerford house is going back to green.
I don't think so Ms Thing!

AND while I am rating products, because I know you all value my opinion.  I have a SERIOUS problem with California Baby Bug Spray.  I am bound and determined to finish the bottle because I had to give blood to purchase it, but it does not work.  We put it on the other afternoon and had 6 mosquito bites in less than 30 mins. 
I hate to use Off ever since I read and found true that it will get fingernail polish out of fabrics.  I'm so sorry, but if you will eat polish off a fabric I will not put you on my children's skin.  Looks like I will be trying Skin So Soft.  Any other thoughts?  Suggestions?

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