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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Mountain Retreat

Life in the Comerford house has been rough this past month.  Who knew being a grown up would be so complicated?!  Work, decisions, children, sickness, marriage, life...  Whew!  It is mentally and physically exhausting.  I think there is a fine line between between stressed and depressed and I think I and currently teeter-tottering on it.  After being mildly yet really annoyingly sick for 3 weeks and emotionally at the end of my rope, the hubs decided to take the family to the mountain cabin.
Side note, turns out I had staph.  Not the MRSA strand but some kind of crummy bacteria and after a cabinet full of meds I am proud to say I am healed. What a mess that was.

So, we left here around lunchtime and the girls slept most of the ride.  We learned that we have reached the age of "are we there yet?" about 30 mins out.  Annie was getting fussy.  It was time for her to eat so I just climbed in the back and gave her a bottle.  Once we were at the house I found out that she was not hungry, but she had pooped and it was so bad that it irritated her diaper rash busting it open. 
Annie loved riding with the windows down in the mountains.  This is pre-poop!

In the meantime Ben gets to the door to find out we've been locked out of the house.  We spend an hour outside waiting on someone to come let us in while Amelia is hearing her echo yelling "Help! We need Help!  Let us in!", Annie is crying on the porch basically naked and Ben is cussing and sweating. Once we got in I put the girls in the bath, Ben put the wine in the freezer and headed into town to pick up a pizza. 

Then things got good.  Annie went to sleep and we enjoyed wine (milk in a princess cup) and pizza on the deck.  After dinner we introduced Amelia to her first board game, Candy Land. She actually did a good job.  Have any of you seen a recent Candy Land board?  I wish I still had mine.  The new one is weird. It's so busy you can hardly see the road.
Photo: Amelia's first board game experience
Saturday morning I woke up to the smell of coffee and bacon.  There really is not much better than knowing the coffee is ready and bacon is in the skillet before your feet touch the ground. We spent most of the morning playing around the cabin while Annie finished up her morning nap.

When naptime was over, we got the girls dressed and headed into Blue Ridge to pick up Joe's BBQ for a picnic by the river. If you ever get a chance to get up to Blue Ridge you must check out Joe's.  Their white sauce is amazing!
Even in Blue Ridge we still cheer on the Dawgs!
With a Joe's BBQ tailgate.  Look at Amelia and her game face
After lunch we strolled around and Amelia was busting at the seams to get in the water so, of course, we did

It is legal to shed your clothing in a state park when you are 3 right?!

After a nap, we had more fun outside while Daddy listened to football, grilled steaks and prepared our camp fire.  Amelia was super duper excited about "camping" with Daddy.  She roasted 3 marshmallows and said "Daddy, I'm done camping!" haha.  It was so much fun while it lasted.

Poor Annie is not a fan of the flash
Unfortunately, all this fun came to an end about 12:30am when Annie woke up with a fever and threw up all over the place.  Who doesn't like to wash sheets and bathe babies at midnight on vacation?  Everything all kind of went downhill from there and was still downhill until today about 10am.  Turns out Annie has a UTI.  Her urine culture also showed e coli which is what they are thinking caused the UTI.  We still have to go back in 2 weeks for a ultrasound but hopefully the meds will cure her.  If you are keeping track that is 2 bacteria infections in 1 house in 3 weeks.  Yuck!  I personally blame it on our city water but that is a whole other blog for another day.
Could the mountains have been a little better?  Yes.  But was it still wonderful spending the weekend with our family? Absolutely!

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