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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The 3 Year Old Princess Had a Party!

I have been so busy with the drama of life, which has included a lot of teething and sickness and laundry and sanitizing that I forgot to post Amelia's birthday party!!

Here's a recap of a morning of princesses and pirates:

Isn't this the cutest invite?!  I ordered it from Grace Girl Designs on Etsy. 
Amelia wanted a princess party but we couldn't leave out our pirate boy friends

In the background is her playhouse from Nana and Pa and she is on her new tricycle from Grandma and PawPaw.  She loves them both!
Aren't the layered tableclothes cute too?  Thanks Pinterest!

Take a guess who was supposed to go to Target and get princesses to put on the cake and I pirate in the water?  Oops.  Think she didn't notice?  She DID. 
"Where are my princesses??!?!?"  Such a birthday diva!

PawPaw's kiddie wash was a big hit!

These children were obviously not cold

Annie and PawPaw stayed behind the scenes in the balloons
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

Amelia loves all her dressup and her vanity set

A whole year of being 2 has come to an end.


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