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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Annie at 8 Months

I have not been good at keeping these up at all.  Boo for Mommy!  A lot has stayed the same but we've had some BIG changes over the past 2 months

* You are eating 3 jars of baby food a day.  Sometimes 2.5 depending on how tired you are at lunch.
* You take 24 oz of formula.  We would like to get in 30 but you go to sleep so early that it is not possible.
* You weigh 21.4 lbs
* Speaking of sleep, you are the best sleeper ever made (you must take after your Mama).  You go to sleep for the night between 5:45 and 6:15.  You very rarely cry about it but if you do it is no longer than 5 or 10 mins at the most unless you are just not ready to go to bed.  This happens maybe once a week, if that.  You take almost an hour nap around 9am then you take a 2 or 2.5 hour nap at 12:30.
* You suck your thumb when you are sleepy but once you fall asleep it comes out.  I probably should break you from this but it is so stinking cute!
* You enjoy the exersaucer but more so the jumping in it instead of playing with the toys.  You are a busy, busy girl!  I can't imagine what the future will hold.
* Around August 12 we could sit you up tripod style and you'd hold yourself there unless you decided there was something you wanted and you'd roll to it.  By August 30th you could sit up on your own.
* There was still no crawling for a while.  You would roll towards something then sit up and roll a few more times.  That was your mode of transportation until Sept 14th when you started moving your arms and knees to crawl.  It took you about a week to get fluid with it and now you are fast as lightening!
* You cut your first 2 teeth, the bottom ones, Sept 14th. It was a busy weekend!  The next Thursday your top left came in.  It is now poking in pretty good.  You can't really see the top right one but you can feel it if you are brave enough to stick your fingers in.
* The week of Sept 16th you ran your first fever at 103.3!  Turns out you had a urinary tract infection caused by bacteria staph (so did I!)
* You are a jabber box!  You are making some kind of noise all the time.  Mostly dadadada or babababa.  Rarely do you actually cry with tears rolling down your face but you scream a good bit. You are mostly frustrated because your sister is loving on aka aggravating you all the time. 

Even though you do fuss and scream a lot, we would not trade you for anything.  You are a funny little girl who smiles with her whole face and you do it all the time.  You bring SO much joy!  You can be bashful at times and hide your face into me.  But then you usually turn around and give that million dollar smile that comes straight from your heart. Your whole body lights up when you see your sister and that makes me melt.  Honestly, I am kind of envious of the love you two have for one another.  Expect me to be obnoxious and live through you two for the rest of my life!

Much Love Sweet Girl!

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