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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Billy's Finest Moments

This was our first year with the Elf on the Shelf. At the beginning I thought "Wow!  This is great! We should use this idea all year long!"  Then I ran out of ideas.  It was hard finding somewhere to put him where Annie could not touch him.  The one time he was touched and "lost his magic dust" Amelia had a fit.  I think it will be much easier next year when Annie doesn't want to destroy all that Billy sets up.  We were pretty much limited to the kitchen and bathroom counters and a few little shelves around the house.  It was a lot of fun though

He partied with the Nutcracker

He prayed to Baby Jesus and remembered with the celebration was all about

He sent Amelia to Breakfast with Santa

He took some friends for a ride

He rode into Bethlehem on a giraffe

He acted silly for pajama day

He packed the girls' bag and went to Grandma's

He played Holy Cow 

He cheered on the Bulldogs (unfortunately they lost)

He brought candy canes for our sweet girls

He took a North Pole bubble bath
He had a tea party with Cinderella

He reminded us to feed those hard working reindeer

He borrowed Amelia's hair bow
He left at lunch on Christmas Eve to retrieve a special surprise 

He returned at dinner time with 2 beautiful nightgowns to wear and sleep well
Billy was lots of fun and Amelia loved him but I'm glad he is hibernating in the North Pole for a while!



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