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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fall Overview

Soooooo.... sometime shortly after October 28th, our Mifi card crashed.  Actually I am pretty sure it was the day after Halloween.  I tried and tried to update my blog from the ipad but it would not work. IT is not my strongest attribute.  Tonight I was looking around and found a Blogger app.  Who knew?!  Anyway, we now have a new mifi card and I have an app uploaded.  Back in business!

I'm pretty bummed that I have not chronicled every single day because we have had such a fun fall.  I will do a wrap up in 2 posts.  One for Halloween and Thanksgiving and the month of December gets it's own story. :)

Amelia got her hair colored at the church fall festival

We went with a group of friends to a fun pumpkin patch
(Pictures never turn out when you pay for matching outfits!)

We had friends over for taco soup and trick or treating on Halloween
Amelia changed her mind on her costume at least 4 times and ended up going with an old handmedown princess dress.  Really?!

We went around the neighborhood really early so we were back for the bigger kids.  Amelia LOVED passing out candy to everyone!

We became OBSESSED with hot chocolate

Had an Indian Pow Wow at school.  So cute!

Tap Danced along to the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade

Ben's parents were in the mountains so we hosted Thanksgiving at our house.  This was Amelia's version of backyard football.  Also, we didn't realize until about an hour before frying time, but I bought a turkey breast.  No wings, no legs, just a breast. I was looking for a small bird.  Oops!  I didn't mind, but the dark meat eaters were a little bummed.  We definitely are not grown up enough to host holidays

Annie LOVED her first thanksgiving dinner!  She ate turkey, dressing, squash and cranberry.  Not out of a jar, the real deal!  Amelia made table and chair decorations.  Annie had a tee pee.

Such a sweet girl!

I am really thankful for my little family

Amelia climbed her first tree Thanksgiving weekend

And these precious girls continue to grow up right before our eyes!  It's joy and sadness all wrapped up in a bundle of emotions.

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