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Monday, January 7, 2013

Should Only Children have only one child?

I will make this short because Annie is napping and my string cheese didn't cut it and I just remembered there are awesome leftovers in the fridge.

I have thought all weekend, "If my children know what I think of them they will need therapy and I would be ashamed!"  I love them, like really, an unhealthy amount of love, but they drive me up the wall!  Saturday afternoon I called the cowboy and request him home from the farm without delay.  I was breaking down.  He offered for me to go shopping and spend the night off if I needed to. I thought about it but that is such a waste.  Instead I took the big sister, who has been extremely neglected lately, with me to buy materials for my new sewing machine.  We took another friend and her little girl.  She picked out fabric for a Valentines outfit, got to buy her own craft and we had dinner at a hibachi steakhouse.  It was SO MUCH FUN!

Today Amelia went home from preschool with a friend and it has just been me and Annie.  We went to Publix, had a little snack and played.  And it has been fine! 

So here's my thing, maybe I just don't do well with 2 kids?  Maybe my sweet nerves have been an only child their whole lives and just can't take it.  Or is this normal in the younger kid ages and stages?  Does everyone lose their minds multiple times a week?

On a side note, Annie whines and cries A LOT!  Really at home she cries more than not.  Yesterday the cowboy played Stay-at-home all day dad and was like "What in the world goes on here?!  Is she ok?  Should we take her to the doctor?"  I asked at school this morning how she is there.  If they thought she could have an ear ache or belly ache (we changed her to milk middle of last week).  And they politely said "I just think Annie may be a little bit rotten!"  HA!  Thank you! I feel the same way.  There is nothing wrong with this baby.  She just likes to be held so she follows me all over the house crying.  We are just glad she still goes to bed between 5 and 5:30.

LOVE the babies, just trying to figure it all out.  And sometimes you just need to vent!

My mantra for 2013 though is To spend less time on the house and more time on the people in it. This is SUPER hard for someone who likes all the throw pillows in their place at all times.  I'm working on it....    

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