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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lent... Give up or Add on

I never really follow through with Lent.  It's kind of like a New Years Resolution for me.  Terrible I know, but it is what it is.  Part of that may be that the Methodist Church doesn't really focus a lot on it. Or mine has not.
This year I have given up my Facebook app. Not Facebook entirely because that is crazy talk but I did delete the app on my iPhone.  Since I did actually remove something that will need to be reinstalled to use, maybe I will stick it out.
I love Facebook, but on a regular basis it makes me really mad and I do believe it has turned me into a full on hypochondriac and a super obnoxious nervous mama.  I also use Facebook to escape my children when maybe I should deal with the situation.  Sooooo... we shall see if deleting the app so that I can only log on from my computer will change my world.  As coo-coo as it may sound, I do feel like I was called to do this.  Not sure that Jesus cares that much about Facebook but He definitely cares about my quality of life and my family.  I will keep you updated on the process and withdrawals I experience.
I have also had friends who rather than give something up, they add something on.  The Cowboy and I had a long talk at dinner about things the Bible focuses on.  How much does it mention say, Gay relationships or not eating pork or not drinking and dancing THEN how much does it mention loving others?  We were talking about how you should have your main focus in line with the most prominent principle in the Bible.  So, during this Lenten season I am also focusing on loving others.  How can I better serve people around me on a daily basis with small acts of kindness?  Really it is terrible that this does not happen naturally every day but it just does not.

Maybe it will last???  I hope it lasts much longer than the season of Lent! 

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  1. I hope this means you are going to email more pictures since you won't be posting them!