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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mommy Juice

You know what?! This while parenting gig is tough! We have made the decision (and by "made the decision" I mean we've had lots o convo) to drink in front if our children. And by drink I mean, wine at or after dinner or a few beers around the house. The idea is that they will see grown ups enjoying a drink and will see that in moderation is it great. Like a cookie or any other treat. Thinking they will always see it and it won't be a big deal when they are confronted with it.

The flip side is that they will see it so often then if they are ever offered they will accept like it is no big deal. That's not good at all!

We have stressed that we have Mama and Daddy drinks. So much so that when we have rolled passed the beer section in Publix Amelia will loudly and proudly say "Look! It's Daddy's drink!"

On New Years Eve I let Amelia toast some apple juice with us in a champagne flute at 830. Ever since she has wanted to "cheers!" whatever she is drinking. Recently she has wanted juice out of a "Mama glass" aka wine glass. More recently she has taken the beverage in the wine glass and has said she is pretending it is Mama Juice. Sooooo.... Now my 3 year old is pretending like she is drinking. I think this is B-A-D! Am I being dramatic?! Mama juice is for mamas. You can drink your apple juice out if whatever you want but it is still apple juice. Thoughts????? How do we handle this??

These little people watch everything and want to be just like you. That is a lot to love up to!

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