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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

True Confessions... I don't do Lent

Well, I have successfully kept my Facebook app off my phone BUT I have absolutely no problem logging onto Facebook's mobile site on my phone.  A very sweet friend honestly told me that defeats the point.  I know!  Thank you for affirming my failure!

I have, however, done a great job at loving on others.  We were left everything inside Grandma and Grandpa's house (that others did not want).  I wanted to have a yard sale but the cowboy thought it was a waste of my (aka HIS) time.  I do not agree but whatever.  By not having a sale I was able to reach out to two young families that really needed some items and would not have been able to purchase them. I received a sweet, sweet note from two little girls thanking me for their new bed and their pretty sheets.  While my material minded person would have loved the money, it does my heart good to know others are comfy in their homes.   It's hard being a human.  We are constantly thinking of ways to "better" ourselves.  Usually "better" in our eyes means a financial gain.  What better thing is there to better than your heart?  I think you only do this by nurturing it. I am still a little bitter thinking of money I could have in my pocket to buy paint or go on a weekend trip, but somewhere in a sweet little corner I am proud of myself.  This home is a huge blessing to us and we are thankful we can be a blessing to others.

Speaking of a weekend trip...  I am leaving with 6 other girls tomorrow night for Amelia Island.  We will be there Thursday-Sunday.  That is a little over 3 days where I do not have to be touched by anyone or do anything for anyone but me!  Kids and husbands are wonderful, but a mother has very little time to herself.  SO exciting!  FYI, I will totally blow giving up Facebook mobile this weekend!  Like I haven't already!

While we are speaking of things religious.  I got completely tickled during communion Sunday.  I try to be really serious during communion.  I love the idea of asking God to completely cleanse our bodies then to refill it with the body and blood of Christ.  I'm not sure how you do communion, but we all go up a few pews at a time to the alter.  We bow and are served little glasses of juice and cubes of bread.  It takes a long time to serve our church.  It's just really hard to keep your mind focused for that long.  Especially when it is lunchtime and you have been given one mouse-sized piece of bread and a sip of juice.  That was not my problem this Sunday.  I mean it was, but I had a bigger issue.  The Cowboy was ushering so it was just me in my little world and maybe I was thinking about my weekend away or who knows what.  As I stood there waiting for my turn I analyzed the people in front of me.  Do they chew their bread then drink?  Do they do it all together?  As I knelt down and started to pray all I could think of was "taking this communion looks a lot like taking a shot! That's terrible Nicole!  Shut your mouth!"  And then worst of all I giggled and I couldn't stop.  My bad!

I just took it as a sign that I'm really truly going crazy and need a break.  Amelia Island here I come!

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