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Friday, March 15, 2013


The kitchen is basically done!  We have a few more little cosmetic things, but you can get the idea.  All of my dishes, serving ware, etc is in there and put away!  What an accomplishment!  I have what i will need here for the next 2 weeks, but other than that the kitchen is moved!  Hooray!

I love this faucet.  I need to get the cowboy to work pull out his pulmbing skills and install it.
I got a smoking deal on it at

A breakfast table will go on that rug. I really should have brought it on over since we will probably get on the couch every night the next week anyway! We were going to do and island, but we are going to wait a while on it.  Turns out I need one bigger than standard size and having an island made is not cheap!
Can you see the bead board in this picture?  I think it made the kitchen so, so pretty!

We will get a new refrigerator in time, but for now this one works fine.  That's not on the top of my priority list.  I've thought about painting the pantry door a fun accent color. Again, not on the top of the list.
This is a great shot of the floors.  Refinishing them all was not in the current budget.  I mopped and mopped and mopped with orange oil, pledge for floors and old english to bring out the color.  They were slick as ice for a while, but they look great now!

I love this window.  Doesn't the table Pawpaw made look precious there?!
We are getting all the blinds this week.  Hello, tax refund check!
I'm so proud of my kitchen!  Now on to the rest of the house...

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