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Monday, March 4, 2013

Kroger aka Hell

First off, we are Publix Peeps.  I try to shop other stores because I know they are cheaper but it just does not workout. I know where everything is in Publix and the people are amazing.  We go at the same time multiple times a week.  The cashiers and baggers know us and there is always free cookies.  Today I decided to run into Kroger, truthfully I do like their store brand organic milk a lot.  There is nothing quick about going there because I have no idea where anything is. 

Today it was a good thing I stuck with the Kroger instead of Publix because this

Turned into this
In about 5 mins.
There are tons of tears all over both of these faces in case the picture is leaving anything out.
It was hell on earth.  Do you think is was just a shitastic day or do my kids miss Publix as much as I do?

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