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Friday, March 15, 2013

March the 15th Sucked!

What a shitty day!  How's that for a fine attitude?!  The morning was frustrating, the kids went back and forth between whining and crying all afternoon and my back is killing me from rearranging furniture by myself yesterday.  No one napped today. The house has looked like someone robbed us and destroyed it all week. I did muster up enough energy today to make it presentable in case someone needs to show it tomorrow.  I wish I would have done that sometime around Wednesday, because that alone makes me feel a ton better.  That and my friends Jack and Ginger.  You'd think today's amazing fresh air would have helped but it did not.

So you ask was there a silver lining at all?  Yes!  I got to spend some time with my new favorite guy on the planet.  In all the drama of moving and remodeling I forgot to mention that Jamie and Pete had their baby!  Henning Miles Daniel is one week old today.  He is cute as can be!

We love you Henning!  Thank you for being here!  You were the best part of my day!

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  1. Henning says you are welcome! Trust me, y'all were my bright spot as well!