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Sunday, March 24, 2013

We are Not Made For This World

After a weekend of moving we decided to do home church this morning.  The main topic was on suffering.  We read letters from Paul and talks from Jesus.  Basically the point is that all humans will suffer, it's just a matter of who you will suffer for.  I personally would rather suffer for the Lord than for the things of this world.  That is so hard for me to remember!  Sometimes I think we suffer to remind us that we are not made for this place.

I like to think that this world is a beautiful and that the people in it are beautiful.  In my little bubble that is mostly true, but there is a sick, sick world out there.  I just went in and changed the blog from my 3 year old's birthday party to delete two pictures that were on there of her hilarious naked backside. 

When I went online today to look at my stats someone had searched "naked 3 year old" and IT SENT THEM TO MY BLOG! To that specific post!  I am absolutely disgusted!  Surely if the internet can tell me what people are searching to get to my blog, then they can find out who searched for this.  Could my baby now be on some perverts computer?  At this moment I am sad for her, mad at myself and disgusted at the creep who searches for naked 3 year olds!  Don't you think in the world of technology someone can track this?!  

I love my blog.  I love reading back and all the sweet memories.  I love finding comfort in the sad times I have had that I've overcome.  I love that I've received so many messages telling me how I've helped them with my words.  But today I realized that not all people reading my blog are like me.  I am going to continue with my posts, but I will think twice about all I put out there.  And I am reminded once again that we as followers of Christ are not made for the ugliness that is in the world.  Such a sad, sad place it can be.

Hopefully my reader who searched that topic will read this and realize the nastiness in their heart.

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