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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

2 Weeks of Farm Life

We've been on the ponderosa for almost two weeks now and I have to admit... I LOVE IT!  The fact that I am only 11 miles from the middle of town yet feel like I am on my own little piece of the world is amazing.  I have huge windows with beautiful views.  My children are in heaven playing outside with so much space.  And while I still need blinds, the master bath is under construction and we need more home decor, this house looks and feels like it is mine.

We had a few friends from our playgroup out Friday for an Easter Egg hunt and I received so many compliment on my house. Nothing will make you love your house like people bragging on it!  Our town has this crazy attitude about living in town verses living in the county.  I think it goes back to before the school system was consolidated?  What do I know?  I'm not from here (but I do love it here!).  I do agree that in town living is precious!  I love all the homes and I love being able to walk with the stroller to parks and shops.  I get it and tried REALLY REALLY hard to stay in town.  We looked at every possible house on the market. The thing is we just could not find a house we liked as much as this one.  Since we made the decision not to do public school right now, school districts are not an issue.  Anyway, when we made the decision to move back to this area, I knew I wanted to live in town and once here most of the people around me affirmed it.  It took a while to retain my brain from that thought, but I'm so glad I did!

The sun rises over a beautiful pasture through my living room window.  We've spent multiple evenings on the front porch after dinner.  Amelia has a tree she climbs or she plays in the front yard while we slow life down a little in rocking chairs on our amazing front porch.  As Ben says "this will really spoil a person!"  Life is definitely peaceful out here and it is good for our souls and I imagine our health too.  We can't wait to continue to grow our family (in years not numbers!) here.

May we always feel as blessed for this gift as we do right now.

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