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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter on the Ponderosa

Oh Easter.... What a day!  I think every day that is supposed to be a big deal when you have kids becomes a dramatic mess.  Easter took the cake this year.  Can you believe the Comerford family did not even go to church?!  What in the world?!  Every time we just can't get it together in the mornings the "head of the house" likes to say "the church is not a building we are the church.  The church is where we are."  Sounds good enough, right?!

While I like to think we are moved into our house, there are still little odd and end things at the rental.  They WILL be out before Sunday!  Apparently "little odd and end things" means Annie's Easter shoes and Ben's ties.  Also we did not get most all of Ben's clothes from the dry cleaners and the combination he was planning on wearing out of the house was not acceptable at all.  Not that any of these are really good reasons not to go to church, I realize that.  So we got the girls dressed thinking we would just go see the Easter bunny in their Easter dresses.  While taking pictures on the front porch, the swing flipped over and both girls hit their faces.  By this point we were just D-O-N-E with the whole process.  Once the rest of our family got out of church we met up with Ben's brother and his family to have Easter lunch and an egg hunt.  The day ended up being amazing. The morning, not so much!
See sweet Annie's swollen cheek. Poor thing!

Someone felt awfully pretty this day!

SO pretty!

This is the best one we got...

Change into some comfy clothes and get some fresh air. That makes everyone feel better!
We didn't dress up and show off our cute Easter clothes at church, but Jesus is still alive and in the world today.  We love Him and we thank Him for all our blessings no matter where we are or what day of the year it is!

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