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Monday, May 6, 2013

Moneyball... Rethink... Well, everything!

Have you ever seen the movie Moneyball?  It is a great movie.  I'd totally suggest it for a date night in.  You and the hubs, or boyfriend or wife or girlfriend or whoever would love it.  Moneyball is basically about the Oakland A's being a poorer baseball team but still having to compete with the big money teams like the Yankees.  The traditional way of doing things just would not work for them.  As soon as a guy would get good and his contract would come up they would lose him because they couldn't afford him.  Their general manager Billy Beane had an uphill battle of teaching his team to rethink baseball.  I'm not going to get into all the details, but definitely check out the movie. 

This Sunday one of our pastors spoke to our Sunday school class about rethinking church and he used the Moneyball principle to present his message.  No doubt the church is not as strong as it has been in the past.  Teams are having practice and groups are having meetings on Wednesday nights. Events are being held on Sundays.  These have typically been church days and nothing other than church went on.  Life is just busy in general.  He asked "Why do you go to church?"... Fellowship, learn, witness, encourage, etc..  Those are all things you can do anywhere.  Then he asked "Where did you meet Jesus?" Not to say that you can not or were not saved or came to know Jesus for the first time outside of church, but more times than not that is where the first meeting occurs.  So the challenge is to rethink church.  Rethink what you are looking for.  What you look for there and what you offer there.  To think with our hearts and not with our heads.  Our heads will change a thought many times a minute, but our heart is pretty darn consistent.  Think about your children, your heart knows that your children need Jesus.  Goodness knows, the world needs a little more Jesus!  But your head tells you that your child needs one more ball practice or that fun birthday party invitation or whatever distraction you have.  No doubt it is hard to rethink anything, but it's worth a try, right?!

Today I decided to rethink home.  If you've been reading my blog for a while you know I've struggled the last year.  I read a post today saying that 3 children were the magic number for stress.  I can not imagine!  This post was acting like 2 was a walk in the park.  No Ma'am!  Anyway, I've lived in a state of negativity for a while.  In fact, we hadn't even been to church in about 5 weeks! I've made some changes that have helped a lot but I'd still like to get a better handle on things.  We've made some changes on the home front and have a to-do list going forward, but it's my job to help myself in the now.  I really need some time for myself and I REALLY need to exercise. I HATE exercising. But in reading I've learned that I can do both for a few mins a day.  My children love the stroller and I love to be outside. I can strap them in and have some quiet time outside to think and exercise. Today we did not do any activities, we came straight home at lunch.  I put laundry on and all 3 of us laid down to rest and regroup from the morning.  One load of laundry, that was all.  I sat on the rug of the playroom after naps and gave my girls the attention they deserve. While the girls were snacking I folded and put up clothes.  By this point we were at 3:00, this is when things start breaking down around here.  I loaded the girls up into the stroller and we went for a walk.  I tried to run for a bit just to prove to myself that I still do not run.  After our walk we threw together some supper and the night went on from there.  It was SO nice!  I have two big struggles in my day, laundry and the 3:00 hour (which spills over to the rest of the afternoon).  Today I decided to rethink things. I put clothes on to wash and rested for about 30 mins.  When things started falling apart, I changed the scenery.  I'm smart enough to know that not everyday will work this way, but today it did and today was good. 

I'm thankful for our church and for our staff and for the challenge.  I pass it along to you.  What do you need to rethink? I mean if the Oakland A's can get to the playoffs, surely you and I can as well, right?

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