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Monday, July 8, 2013

Decorating Woes

We have been on the Ponderosa right at four months now.  I love it here! . I love it much more than I thought I would!  Everything is in bloom and so pretty.  Bad part is that there is a lot of grass to cut and we've had lots of rain.  That means we feel like we need to mow every time we turn around!  The girls play outside all the time and they exhaust themselves. Win! Our front porch is beyond amazing.  We spend about as much time out there as we do inside. Big thank you to PawPaw for putting up new fans on the front porch and back patio!  It makes our time much more enjoyable!

I do have a slight problem with the interior though.  These walls are huge!  Between the high ceilings and long walls, I have NO idea what to put on them.  Above the mantel, behind the couch, everything I've previously had on my walls gets lost. It's like a bunch of shrinky dinks.  I've somewhat given up on the living room.  While there is not a think on the wall, it looks ok.  The beautiful woodgrain brown paint compensates for the lack of décor (I hope!)  If you have any suggestions on prints, shelves, ideas, etc of what to put on the walls I would appreciate it! And I've tried grouping things together.  Still doesn't work.
So I have decided to tackle the master bedroom. One smaller room with less wall space.  I am trying to pick out bedding then pick paint around it.  I have a HUGE commitment issue with bedding and purses but we are talking about the house right now.  I have not bought bedding since we've been married.  I am now using the duvet cover we had in our guest room when we got married. 
The problem I have is everything I like looks like it should belong in Amelia and Annie's room or a dorm room.  When I think I will start looking for grownup patterns they all look like grandparent bedding.  Since I have such commitment issues I want something timeless that I can keep for at least the next 7 years.  There are a lot of duvet covers that catch my eye, but I would probably be sick of it next year.
I keep going back to this Lilly Pulitzer set.
Is it too high school?  I feel like I love it, but do I? There is a small chance that I may just love it because it is Lilly and how perfect would everyday end sleeping in such precious bedding?! I think it is so clean and crisp.  It is bright but not something I would hate in winter.  I think I would paint the walls greenish? 
Do you have any suggestions on bedding websites?  I feel like I have hit them all.  

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  1. I love it and it is totally you! It is too bright for what I like in a bedroom for myself, but I can see you in that bed! LOL.
    Check out my pinterest board to see what floats my boat. I really like a solid white, grey, light blue, get the idea, duvet then adding splashes of color with throws and pillows. That way if I get tired of the look, I only have to swap out a few things, not everything. That being said, we are still using the same quilt we have had for several years. I haven't put my "likes" into practice just yet. LOL